The Scriptorium

Welcome to The Scriptorium, where the minds of four authors of varying backgrounds have gathered to bring a world of possibilities to life. The main purpose of this place is to combine talents and produce anthologies on any given theme. Now that you’ve found it, stay awhile and peruse the collection of wayward fiction they’ve cast upon these pages. But be cautious as you wander! The imagination is a fickle thing and you mustn’t disturb the steady scratch of the pen.

It’s not all about producing weighty tomes, though. We each submit short pieces every month, giving readers a feel for each author. There will be contests, polls, and multiple opportunities to engage with each one of us as we continue to hone our craft. If there’s a theme you would like to see, we are all open to bribes (usually involving cookies or coffee). We hope you’ll join us on this undertaking.

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