Stephanie Gregory

Since the age of six and mostly only having imaginary friends, Stephanie Gregory had a knack for making up weird and wonderful stories out of her imagination and turning them into new worlds, populated by people who were often more real than those she knew.

 As a teenager Stephanie successfully published poetry in a local magazine for the NHS, helping support Mental Illness.

After purchasing the family’s very first home computer and watching far too much Lord of the Rings, Steph tentatively wrote out the premise for what would become “Wolf Born.”

Though, it’s had many titles and incarnations, the very heart of the story has remained true, along with Steph’s belief that readers will love the world and the characters as much as she does.  So, after a stint in a creative writing class a few years ago and lots of hard work, Steph has finally reached the point where the Ulyssian Universe has now come into a life of its own.

Recently, Stephanie has joined the Wattpad community and published several short stories and the first draft of a fantasy based novel.