Nathalie London

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and writing, and a translator and editor by trade, Nathalie is a writer at heart. Her passion started early. As soon as she understood that crayons (and mothballs… yes, that happened) weren’t for eating but for creating, she put pen to paper, and there came to be many homemade books with badly drawn bunnies and three spelling mistakes per word. But she persevered. By fourth grade, she was writing chapter books that she would read to her gathered classmates at recess (mainly horror stories, but she wasn’t weird or anything, really!). She even published a story in the local paper at the age of ten, not that it would have any pull with agents and publishers now (call me!).

When asked about the genres she likes to focus on, she says: “I go where the inspiration takes me. I tend to go skipping down the dimly lit windy path where the signpost says “Come to the dark side, we have cookies”. I like the road less traveled (and full of surprises). I have a penchant for YA, NA, fantasy, historical fiction, romance, horror and suspense. Wherever possible, I like to infuse my work with a good dose of humor, because that’s part of who I am – a clown rejected by the circus for being too nerdy.”

She loves bringing characters to life, and has been known to sympathize with her villains (they’re misunderstood, alright?). She likes nothing better than a good plot that moves along swiftly, keeping her readers on their toes. “Twists and unexpected turns, that’s the stuff! Oh, and an ending that’s anything but vanilla.”

Originally from Montreal, Nathalie spent seven years roaming the English countryside (mainly getting lost and stopping for cow traffic) before returning to Canada. She now resides in Ontario with her better half, step-son and hyper Italian Greyhound, Blue (her biggest and fuzziest distraction). Although she will read anything she can get her hands on (that Blue hasn’t chewed), fiction is what she prefers and what keeps her ink flowing.